Top Royalty-Free Music Sites for Video Creators


Good music is the key to awesome video content. think outside did the work for you and compiled a list of the top sites for royalty-free music for your video projects.

I know how hard and time-consuming searching for royalty-free music can be. In my opinion, there are some of the top royalty-free music sites for video creators I’ve used for my video projects and I wanted to share them with you too!  in the past, I’ve used both monthly subscription services as well as a one-time single track licensing service. From my personal experience, I prefer the monthly subscription services, because then I receive unlimited access to all the royalty-free music on their site. I suppose it depends on how many video projects you are creating a month and what makes sense for you and your budget, but check out all these sites and see what works for you.

Recommended sites for monthly subscription services



Filmstro is very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and affordable. They have a great selection of tune, but in order to browse around it you have to buy your plan first.

The pricing page on the site asks, “who are you?” so that filmstro can direct you towards the appropriate kind of pricing package.  choose from “Individual/Freelancer,” “Nonprofit,” “For Profit,” or “Education.”

Say, for example, I followed the “Individual or Freelancer” option, I’d then have three package options. Filmstro explains the details for each package and you choose what is most fitting, then after payment you can explore the full library. Like I previously mentioned, I prefer the monthly subscription option, plus it's affordable! but hey, it’s up to you. If you know you’ll be ferociously creating all year, go for the annual subscription.

Filmstro also has a cool blog which is a great resource for learning more about creating video projects, about other video creators, and all-around tips for your projects. They are a very easy and accessible resource that I highly suggest. 

Epidemic Sound

Okay, talk about easy. Epidemic sound gives you two options: “Licensing Tracks” and “Youtube Subscription.”  

Licensing tracks - there are three kinds of licenses within this option. The “Standard License” allows you to pay $0.99 per second or $99 for a full track. The other two licenses vary depending on the platform used and other details.

The royalty-free music in the library is organized by different areas that the video content is being used for. Super helpful!

They have countless themed albums to choose the best music for your project. Be ready to spend some time going through their massive library to find the perfect song.

Youtube subscription - this monthly subscription is incredibly reasonable price-wise and if you’ve got thousands or millions viewing your videos on Youtube then their three options cover it all.

Recommended single tracks licensing services


Marmoset is the place to go if you want original music specifically created for a particular project you are working on. They also have a library of indie artists’ music that can be licensed out for a fee, depending on the sort of project you are going to publish.

This site is awesome because you are supporting the process of music-making, as well as independent artists and record labels. If you choose the route of having something original created for you, marmoset works side by side with you in order to curate the perfect track.


Go ahead and explore this bed of amazing music! Musicbed has a library of over 600 musicians, bands, and composers, ranging in genres. The way this site prices the license is by inquiring about your budget for your project and from that calculating the approximate viewership, then coming up with a price. Their customer service is great and if you explain your project to them, they can help you search through the massive library to find the best song, saving you a lot of time.

Song Freedom

Song Freedom is the place to go if you are looking for a more well-known and popular song for your project. They have the ability to licensing out anything from the Top 40 to indie, providing you with great variety.

Remember madlibs activity books? Well, their pricing strategy is oddly similar! You fill in the blanks with what the video is for, how large your budget or reach could be, and the platform where you’ll be sharing the video. from there, they come up with a price instantly.

Overall, the website is pretty straightforward and you can register for free to explore it.

Ritual Music

When you sign up for Ritual Music, you get a free song! besides that, Ritual Music has worked with artists such as Sia, Kesha, Lorde, and more. you can browse for a song by mood, the type of project, or anything really pertaining to your project. They make it super easy to align your project with a fitting song, because they’ve appropriately tagged all the songs in their library. 

Ritual also has a video sync feature which allows you to upload a sample video of your project from Youtube so that you can test out the song and see if it will really work. 

This site is very legitimate, but since there are some more well-known artists, obviously their prices on those licenses are a little pricey.  check out this “Mixtape” from 2016 ads for brands they licensed music to.

There’s free music out there too!

Free Music Archive

Their motto is “it’s not just free music; it’s good music.” You can browse by different curators or by genre. If you are on a tight budget definitely don’t overlook free music archive.

Once you find the song you love, all you have to do is press the down arrow to download the song and voila! You can go ahead and use the song, no charge. Of course, you may not have the choice of any song that you know or are familiar with, but if you are okay with that, then this is a great resource for you!

The best, you ask?

Okay, so I threw a lot of different resources at you just now and maybe you didn’t even read all of them through, don’t worry! Based on my personal experience and knowledge of these sites, I’d say if you are an avid Youtuber and content creator and you have a budget to work with, go for the monthly subscription at filmstro or the Youtuber subscription for the “professional.” That way you have UNLIMITED ACCESS all month to hundreds of royalty-free songs. Now, if all you are looking for is a one-time single track deal, then my advice would be work with Musicbed or Ritual Music. They seem to have the best selection of artists and different music for a reasonable price.