The Ultimate Euro Camping Road Trip All Planned Out For You!


On July 11, 2017, I am headed on a two-week solo camping roadtrip adventure where I will visit 6 European countries while also venturing off the path along the way for some spontaneous adventure.

What inspired this adventure? Well, I was invited to a wedding in late July in Prague, Czech Republic and I thought I might as well make a journey out of it to take advantage of flying over to Europe.  

I encourage you to follow me on instagram and twitter to get updates on my travels! I will be sharing moments of my trip via instagram stories, photos, and videos. I’m excited to be living the digital nomad lifestyle, taking my think outside work with me and using cell data to connect to the internet wherever I am.

The mostly unplanned “plan”

When it comes to planning a trip, I live by the 30/70 rule. That being said, roughly 30% of my trip is planned such as my flight, car rental, an idea of the route, some must-sees and dos, a food plan, and safety. The other 70% is unplanned because I like to explore and discover where I’d like my trip to take me once I am on the road.

What I know so far:

I will land in Munich, Germany on July 11, rent a car and hit the road. I know the road I’ll be taking and some points of interest along the way (mountains, glaciers, lakes, national parks, monuments, and landscapes worth a detour).  

My two-week itinerary: Fly out of Vancouver to Munich > Strasbourg > Zurich > Geneva > Milan > Venice > Vienna > Prague > Munich to Vancouver.

Below is a custom map I made with Google My Maps. I’ve pinpointed all my POIs that I’d like to visit so I can use it as a point of reference while I am on the road.

And…..that is really all I know for the trip logistics. I’ve been to France, Germany and the Czech Republic before, but it will be my first time in Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. I am beyond excited for some new experiences!

Things I want to do:

  • Cruise around, discovering the countryside and visiting some of my points of interest 
  • Experience as many sunrises and sunsets as possible
  • Go for hikes, swims in lakes, and camp
  • Eat local food & drink good wine
  • Meet and make memories with the locals
  • Document everything I do and see through photography and videography

I want this adventure to be a “wherever-the-path-leads-me” kind of trip. Planning too much is boring for me and more often than not, things don’t go according to plan when I do plan! If you aren’t fond of planning like me, the next time you’ve got a trip coming up, try out my 30/70 rule. I promise it will make for an awesome adventure.  

what I’ll be bringing:

I’ve pictured and listed below what I’ll be packing for my trip. The majority of space will be taken up by camping gear, camera gear, and the necessary technologies I need in order to do my work. The list includes some of my favorite adventure brands such as Arc'teryx, Black Diamond, Goal Zero, GoPro, Marmot, and Sea to Summit. I highly suggest you check them out if you like to adventure the same way I do. When it comes to packing additional personal belongings for travel, I like to take the minimalist approach, so if you tune in to my journey on social media, don’t be surprised if you see me wearing the same shirt two days in a row.

clothing & accessories

  1. Arc'teryx atom lt hoody
  2. Arc'teryx rampart long shorts
  3. Spy helm sunglasses
  4. Arcade adventure belt
  5. Patagonia men's live simply t-shirt
  6. Columbia men's peakfreak hiking shoes
  7. Dakine bike backpack
  8. Globe bantam retro rippers 24"

If you have dreams of taking a trip like this some day or are just intrigued and want to follow my euro camping road trip, I encourage you to follow me on instagram and twitter to get updates and experience the adventure through my camera lens. I will share all the beautiful sunrises, sunsets, high peak views, and more. Get ready to think outside.