All You Need to Build the Ultimate Mobile Office


The goal of think outside couldn’t be simpler. It is to engage with the outdoors as much as possible in order to create and deliver purpose-driven work. I do most of my work outside office walls, while camping, in a hammock beside a lake, on the peaks of mountains, by the ocean...wherever there is LTE signal! I eliminated my operation costs by doing my work this way and I’m going to share with you everything you need to build the ultimate mobile office.

An office can be anywhere on the road, but it’s rarely as simple as sitting down at a desk. In order to make your mobile office as comfortable and productive as possible, you will need the following:


A 4x4 is my favourite choice as it allows me to go beyond paved roads and get to truly remote places. I drive an upgraded Jeep Wrangler Rubicon made for the backroad. A great alternative is also a dual sports motorcycle — like the BMW adventure line or the KTM travel line — can provide you with a similar experience of a 4x4, and sometimes an even better one as it is lighter and can go on trails no 4x4 can reach.

  Source:  BMW F 800 GS

Source: BMW F 800 GS




My truck is equipped with a power inverter, and if yours is not, you can get one of these inverters for less than $50. I also recommend getting the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium portable power station, which is the solution for overnight stays. This thing can charge laptops, phones, and even power small refrigerators. Not only does this station power from the wall/car, but it also runs off solar power. You will be absolutely amazed by the performance of the Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus. For the next-level ultimate setup, you can add a gas generator to your power source collection. I recommend the Yamaha EF1000IS, a surprisingly quiet, light portable inverter generator. It runs up to 12 hrs at 1/4 load on a single tank of fuel and creates clean power that can be used to operate any electronic device you carry with you. 




I believe a comfortable work space can significantly increase daily productivity, which is why I suggest you invest in the Helinox Sunset Chair, one of the most comfortable, lightweight, and packable chairs out there. I paired it with the Helinox Table One to hold drinks, food, and snacks while I am busy getting my work done. A hammock is also key, in my opinion, to up your nap game. on those hot/rainy days, I either use the Smittybilt awning attached to the side of my truck or for short work sessions, I settle in the rear seats of my truck.

Internet connection

Some people worry about office-place ergonomics—I just worry if I’m going to be able to log in. I used to stick to places where I could get clear LTE signal, which limited me to areas close to highways and cities. However, the places I really want to be require me to go further from highways and cities where I get less reception. Not to worry though, I found a great solution: a cell signal booster. I use WeBoost Drive 4G-S, a single-user cradle booster, strong enough to afford me 4G signal in places that barely have 1x service. I usually just plug it into my laptop, attach my phone to it, and share data using my phone as a mobile hotspot. Keep in mind this device cannot create a signal—if you have no service, there’s nothing to amplify. 

Tip: make sure you negotiate a data plan with your service provider. 


The latest apple macbook pro is hands down the best! This thing holds a charge for hours (8-10 hours run time), just enough to get me through two days worth of work.

You now know all that is necessary to build the ultimate mobile office. yes, the ergonomics won’t always be perfect, but it’s hard to beat a setting where you can be productive, video conference, taste cold beers, and watch bears in the wild all at once. If you too want to work off the beaten path, just know it is 100% attainable and hopefully, my recommendations and tips above helped you realise that!